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One World Adventure Company is the parent organization to Little River WATERKEEPER®. The legal voice for Little River and its tributaries. The Waterkeeper will monitor the quality of Little River and serve citizens by protecting their rights to clean, healthy water.

Little River is an important natural resource, and is vital to Mentone and Dekalb County’s tourism and recreation industry. It is also a crucial source of irrigation for area farmer’s . We all depend on water that is clean to drink, swim, fish, farm, and enjoy.

History of Little River’s pristine reputation: In 1969 Little River received the title of State Wild and Scenic river. In 1978 the river gained another highlight when it was awarded a place on the National Wild & Scenic River list by the Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service. This was, in part, due to the unique trait of being the only river that runs its entire life on a mountaintop. On April 3, 1991, Little River received the title of Outstanding National Resource Water (ONRW), the highest designation a body of water can receive through the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) and the Clean Water Act. This designation was awarded to protect the river from future pollution sources.

At this time, ADEM does not have the capacity to monitor pollution that enters the river, nor have they implemented stipulations on how to manage development on this unique waterway. Therefore, the responsibility for caring for our water source falls on us, the people who depend on it.

Through education and public awareness, the Waterkeeper will inform citizens about the threats to the quality of Little River. Residents are encouraged to report pollution to the Waterkeeper, in order to protect our downstream neighbors.

Clean water is vital to our health and to our future. We have to protect it now and always. Join us to ensure the quality of Little River is enjoyable for future generations.

For questions regarding the Little River Waterkeeper, or to report a problem, contact waterkeeper@oneworldadventureco.org or call (256)516-2877